Sunday, April 01, 2007

On The Road Again

After having a valve job and head welding/resurfacing, SoDak is back on the road! When Stew pulled the head he noticed that the pistons don't clear the top of the engine block at TDC. This is a bit odd, but everything runs well. He also discovered that the air intake thermostat that is supposed to automatically select for preheated air/ambient air was stuck in the preheated air setting so SoDak was continually sucking hot air into the intake from near the exhaust manifolds. This would have lead to a decrease in fuel economy and is generally not good for the engine.


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Well done, i am about to start a re-commision project on a 1985 740 turbo diesel, its previous owner kept it in a garage and never deliberately drove it in the rain ! No rust No dents and only 74000 miles.
First its the belts, check the cam and do the shims, new glow-plugs , oil and all filters. Then strip and re-build the brake calipers, new pads and discs.And strip and re-build the rear axle with new seals/bearings.
I am an experienced (4/5cyl) V.W diesel mechanic so i know a engine that is a good un.
Once the winter comes in I will remove her from the road, change the piston rings and crank shells, new oil pump and port the cyllinder head and turbo housing, and finish with new injectors.
Body work wise, I have a semi off road look in mind.
Raising the suspension and going for 16 inch S.U.V tyres, The arches will need work, but this is all for next year, I kinda want the XC90 look in a classic 740 estate. It certainly will turn heads !
Anyone got thoughts on a limited slip diff ?
I have a 85 728 BMW with one fitted, massive difference in traction, but a massive ammount of work to convert the volvo chasis to accept the BMW axle assembly.
Updates as they come boys.
Cheers, neil in Scotland.

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Blogger Mr. Winberg said...

Our turbo Volvo 7-series (or was it the 9-series) in the late 80's or early 90's were fitted with alimited-slip diff of sorts. I know the 9-series were. My memory is going...

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