Monday, April 17, 2006

Go figure. Carrot Top into Volvo Diesels...

Who would have known that the (in)famous comedian Carrot Top would be into Volvo diesels, but here he is pulling a D24 out of a Volvo 240! OK, actually, it's Eli, but I couldn't resist. He's looking for an Oil Pump Relief Valve. If anyone has one, give me an email.

"The valve is a 22Milimeeter bolt in close proximity to the oil filter. Actually it is on the same side of the engine and slightly in front of the oil filter. Unscrew this, you will remove the bolt, a washer, a spring and then the sought after piston. Really, i think it is just a small rod"

I'm going to pull mine and get the dimensions of the piston when I get a spare moment.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

German Pump Timing Tools Update

The pump timing tools from Ebay Germany arrived yesterday. I was not impressed. These are basically hand-machined, with macining marks still evident. They are not a mass-produced tool with nice, smooth surfaces throughout. It looks like they will work fine, but the tolerances for the plunger threads that go into the dial gauge are not perfect. My advice, stick with the ZD Mak models and just cut off the end of the lock pin.

U-Pull-R find

In a quest to find retractable seatbelts from a mid-90's VW Jetta for my '78 VW bus, I happened upon an '80 VW Rabbit Diesel! What luck! I pulled the fuel pump and four injectors + lines and $17 later I was off. Unfortunately, the one compatible Jetta had already had its front seatbelts taken :(

My intention is to use the pump as a practice for replacing the pump shaft seal. I also grabbed the woodruff key in case I lose mine one day. The injectors are the same as the Volvo so i will rebuild them with new nozzles and have them adjusted to the correct pressure by Diesel and Import Service in Blaine, MN. These are VERY helpful people. They tested the opening pressures on my injectors for free! They are a Bosch authorized diesel service center.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Finally purchased a set of factory manuals! Items include...
  • Sunroof Repair and Reseal
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Engine
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Maintaianance Service
  • Design, Function
  • Reconditioning
  • Emission Controls
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Electrical System
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Radio
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, wiring Diagrams
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Power Transmission
  • Reconditioning, Manual Transmission
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Suspension and Steering
  • Reconditioning, Power Steering gear, cam gear
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Springs, Shock absorbers, wheels
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Body Repairs
  • Fault Tracing, Repairs, Maintainance, Body fittings, Interior, Climate Control
  • Pocket Data Booklet
  • Brochure with part numbers for all manuals

Biodiesel "Back in the Saddle Again"

Minnesota is back blending biodiesel at 2% in all diesel fuel sold in the state after a brief hiatus this winter (see previous post) See this article in the St. Paul Pioneer press