Monday, August 15, 2005

Changing Your Fuel Filter

When changing your fuel filter it is a necessary to first fill the new filter with diesel fuel. Most of us don't keep a can of diesel lying around. Would you like to get a free injector cleaning along with your new fuel filter?

Fill the new filter with ATF, screw it on, open the bleeder port on top of the fuel fiter housing and apply a vacuum, i.e. find a clear piece of tubing of the right size from an aquarium store, stick it in the bleeder hole and suck. Use clear tubing so you don't swallow any ATF. It doesn't taste very good. Trust me.

Your diesel will start and run on ATF. ATF contains a high concentration of detergents which will clean your injectors of deposits. A pint of ATF in a tank of diesel every once in a while is a great idea as well.

FYI, you may have to crank your engine quite a few times to get your motor started after chnaging your fuel filter.


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