Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dave's Volvo

Well, SoDak just keeps on chugging along so I guess I have to live vicariously through other Volvo owners. Dave is rebuilding his D24T and is looking for some serious power... He used a stock headgasket and stock headbolts. I'm very jealous of his squeaky clean block. Here it is with its guts removed. And now they're back in!

Something I definitely don't have the courage to do- take apart my turbocharger...

He's shooting for 140 hp :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm honored you posted pics of my D24t engine. Well it's up and running and it runs great. I've been trying to get the bugs out of it. I have to say the total seal rings seem to be doing it's job, very little if any blow-by coming out of the valve cover breather. I didn't bother putting the breather hose on and the valve cover has stayed clean for 200 miles. I also have a D24, and the whole engine compartment would have oil sprayed on it if I did that for 5 mins let alone driving for 200 miles. wastegate is bad so I have to replace it but i've been very pleased with the results so far.

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