Monday, April 17, 2006

Go figure. Carrot Top into Volvo Diesels...

Who would have known that the (in)famous comedian Carrot Top would be into Volvo diesels, but here he is pulling a D24 out of a Volvo 240! OK, actually, it's Eli, but I couldn't resist. He's looking for an Oil Pump Relief Valve. If anyone has one, give me an email.

"The valve is a 22Milimeeter bolt in close proximity to the oil filter. Actually it is on the same side of the engine and slightly in front of the oil filter. Unscrew this, you will remove the bolt, a washer, a spring and then the sought after piston. Really, i think it is just a small rod"

I'm going to pull mine and get the dimensions of the piston when I get a spare moment.


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