Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hoses & Hitches

I changed the last two hoses on the motor that hadn't been done yet. The one from the block to the metal tube in between the head and the intake manifold (runs to the oil cooler) sprung a leak. I replaced the heater hose at the firewall while I was doing the job. Unfortunately, the leak happened when my wife was driving down in Mankato to her symphony rehearsal so I had to drive 1.5 hours down there, fix it (I had the new hoses in the trunk) and then drive back. Luckily it happened in Mankato and not on the freeway. I also noticed the boost pressure to fuel pump hose had come off. The car was WAY peppy when I put it back on.

This weekend I hauled a cord of oak hoem for the wood burning stove. I learned a bit about hitches trying to figure out if it was wise to tow this much with the Volvo. the Volvo will tow 3300 lb. SoDak has a Class II hitch, which is rated to 3500 lb. I figured there are safely allowances (no passengers) so I could safely tow 3700 lbs., the approximate weight of a cord of oak. No problem. What an awesome utility vehicle!


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