Thursday, July 13, 2006

Compression Revisited

Tested compression today again with a marginal gauge...
3- 370psi
Pretty good for 289,000 miles. The new gauge that I had bought was garbage. It. wouldn't hold pressure. Piece of garbage... Note: to do a compression test properly you need to remove all of the injectors.
I'll have to check the valve adjustment for #3 while I have everything apart.
I spent a good deal of time cleaning out the threads from cyl#5. Evidently I didn't have a good seal with the injector washer against the block. It was filled with carbon. It was a bear getting the injector out. I heard back from Diesel and Import service. My injectors are done and recalibrated. The spray pattern looked good so no new nozzles were necessary. $130. I gave them the go-ahead to do the injection pump. $550. Should be done next week.
A few part #'s
1257427- The rubber spacers that go underneath the injector line clamps
1328452- The short hose just towards th efirewall from the thermostat
9139507- The wax thermostat inside the cold start device (order it from Bosch if at all possible as it's almost $100 from Volvo)
The crank case breather (hose going from the top of the valve cover to the turbocharger) had rotted away and was dumping oil down onto the exhaust manifold. I ordered a new one from Volvo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I love your blog, I check it a couple of times a week.

While you're doing your PCV system, you might look into adding a filter in-line to reduce oil burning (if you have any) and the help keep the intake clean.

I wasn't satisfied with the amount of oil that my 740 TD was burning, and most of it seemed to be coming through the PCV system. I added a filter in between the valve cover and turbo inlet.

It really made a difference - there is almost no blue smoke out of the exhaust at all now, when it used to smoke constantly. I'm still waiting for the filter to fill up, but the preliminary results are really encouraging. I have pictures and a description of the whole thing on my webpage if you're interested.

4:40 PM  
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