Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bad News Folks...

I have always known that after I let SoDak sit for a day, she starts up with a little cough and sputter. I am assuming that she is losing prime/pressure in the injection pump. I also am assuming that this problem will be fixed by replacing the pump shaft seal. Lately, the problem had been getting a bit more severe with it taking several minutes (as opposed to several seconds) for the sputtering issue to resolve and lower power at all speeds is evident. Depending on a simple test, I will be pulling the pump and replacing the shaft seal. I will replace the fuel return line with a clear hose to see if air is being introduced at the shaft seal. I currently have the fuel supply hose as a clear piece of tubing and no air is being introduced there. If this confirms my suspicions, While I have all the injector pipes off, I might as well...
  1. Replace the injector nozzles and have the injectors recalibrated to the high side of their opening pressure
  2. Do a compression test (I did one before, but this was before I adjusted the valves- you need to remove all of the injectors to do this properly)
  3. Install Tygon fuel return lines (the little ones on the fuel injectors)


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