Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tools, Tools, Tools

I don't know if any of these are still available from Volvo but...

1. Valve Depressor Tool, Volvo# 9995196 21This tool is used to depress the valves without impinging on the valve shim discs enabling removal and replacement when adjusting valve clearance. Necessary for adjusting valves. See previous posts for the Hazet version
2. Camshaft Sprocket Wrench, Volvo# 9995199 21This wrench is crucial for preventing the camshaft from moving when removing/replacing or adjusting the front or rear timing belts, or removing or replacing the camshaft front or rear sprockets. This would have been a great tool to have when I did this job.
3. Camshaft Rear Sprocket Bolt Wrench, Volvo# 9995201 21This wrench is used to gain access to the camshaft rear sprocket bolt when removing/replacing or adjusting the rear timing belt, or removing or replacing the rear camshaft sprocket. Note: I have not needed this tool to do the job.
4. Diesel Injection Pump Locking Pin, Volvo# 9995193 21Locking Pin crucial for securing Bosch diesel injection pump sprocket from rotating during R&R of cam shaft drive belt. This Locking Pin also assists in locating the general timing position of pump. Note: This pin looks shorter than the one typically sold for VW's and would probably be easier to get into the pump. On the VW, the injection pump is not against the firewall
5. Camshaft Locking Plate, Volvo# 9995190 21Used for securing the cam shaft from rotating and maintaining correct timing position during R&R of cam shaft drive belt. Easy to find this Tool
6. Diesel Injection Pump Dial Gauge Holder, Volvo# 9995194 23 Used for accurate adjustment of the Bosch diesel injection pump. This Dial Gauge Holder screws into the back of the injection pump and comes equipped with a 10cm dial indicator extension pin. Easy to find this Tool
7. Dial Indicator For use with the Injection Pump Dial Gauge Holder above. This is a precision instrument of high quality. Easy to find this Tool


Blogger Tim Hicks said...

I had to grind my locking pin down or it would not go between the fire wall and the pump. I wondered if the Volvo pin was shorter.

8:23 AM  

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