Monday, November 07, 2005

Snow Tires

I recently purchased and installed 4 snow tires for the cold, snowy winters here in MN. At first I was looking at the Nokian WR's, but then I realized that we really coudn't afford them so I went with Continental's Viking Snow Tech. At $44 each from Discount Tire, the 185 70/14's were a very good deal. I am very happy with their dry road performance. They feel nothing like the "squishy" Blizzaks I have run in the past on my SAABs. Presently we have Michelin Arctic Alpin tires on our VW Bora(Jetta). The Viking has the government's severe service logo and Consumer Reports rated them highly. I was expecting cheap "made in China" tires, but these are made in Germany. The max inflation pressure is 40 psi.


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