Thursday, September 22, 2005

Strut Rod Bushings

Today I had the day off because of a power outage at my school! First I went to U-Pull-R Auto parts to look for a used strut rod (7)as mine is slightly bent. I found one off an early 90's 740 Turbo. Alas, it's a different style than my '85, slightly longer. Bummer. Anyway, I needed a 15mm socket, a 22mm socket and a 6-point strange-looking socket borrowed from my friend Stew (God bless him) and I was in business. My front end's a mess. I replaced the strut rod bushings(5). They are a common issue with 740's. You need 4 of them. I still need to do a ball joint(4) and an outer tie rod end(1).

How do you diagnose front end problems? Simple! All you need is 2 tools once you have the car off the ground. A LARGE pry bar and a JUMBO slip-joint pliers. Pry on joints with the bar and compress joints with the pliers. Replace what's loose. Be careful not to rip rubber boots!

Some people use polyeurethane bushings. I haven't tried them.

See Radius Arm Bushing Replacement in the swedishbricks FAQ for more detailed instructions.


Blogger VeggieDreaming said...

I've noticed that when I brake I get a shuttering from the front end. Doesn't feel or sound like any brake issues, especially since under hard barking the shuttering goes away.

I do notice when I push on the tire with my foot so that it moves horizontally I get quite a bit of movement. This doesn't happen on the passenger side.

Would I be headed in the right direction in suspecting the strut rod bushings?



1:35 PM  
Blogger Mr. Winberg said...

You really have to put it up on jack stands and get out a prybar...

6:31 PM  

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