Sunday, September 18, 2005

Nozzle Replacement

The part numbers for the D24T nozzles are as follows
  • 0 434 250 092 is the Bosch number
  • DNO SD 1930 is another number they go by
  • 1328209-0 is the Volvo part number

Nozzles are easily replaced once you get the injectors out. You will need to have them calibrated tan opening pressure of 2205-2318 psi by someone with the Bosch diesel injector tester. Follow this link to find an authorized Bosch service center near you.

I am not sure about other nozzle part numbers. Please see the D24 Family Tree post for more info on nozzles, e.g. conical verses cylindrical orafices. BOSCH DNO SD 293 (0 433 250 103) is used in 4 and 5 cylinder models. If anyone has more info on nozzles, please post a comment!


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