Friday, September 23, 2005

Air in Fuel Lines

I was concerned that I might be getting air in my fuel lines because of poor starting after sitting for ~8 hours. I decided to change the fuel filter to fuel pump line to clear tubing. This way, if air was being introduced at the filter or filter connection, I would be able to see bubbles. I also replaced the copper washers for a good seal. You can get these at a hardware store or just heat them with a propane torch for a minute and reuse.

I was attempting to keep the original fuel line intact, but could not find another large banjo fitting (the one on top of the fuel filter). The smaller fitting (on top of the pump) is the same as the one on the fuel rail of a 16v SAAB 900 from the late 80's/early 90's. Replacement black metric 8mmx1mm plastic fuel line(the plastic line between the fuel filter and fuel pump) can be found under the rear seat of the same year SAAB 900 and is very easy to get to and snip a couple of feet.

You will need a fuel line tool to install new fuel line properly. I can't for the life of me find one on the net so please be patient for a picture.

I have let the car sit for 24 hours and I tried starting it this morning. Starting is MUCH improved, but still a little rough. After talking with my friend Stew and perusing the VW diesel bulletin board, I found out that the pump shaft seal is under suction, not pressure, so air could be introduced here as well. I guess my next step is to replace that seal, available from Bosch.

It's now mid November and I still see no worsening of the problem with a drop in the ambient air temperature, another clue that hard start issues might be caused by the introduction of air in the fuel system.


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