Thursday, October 19, 2006


I was pulled over today in Roseville. The reason: the tint on my windows was too dark. Please. You have nothing better to do? Fortunately, the officer saw my driving record and decided to let me go without so much as a "fix-it" ticket. The interesting thing was that the officer had a "Tint Meter Enforcer". HA! Anyway, Minnesota requires that a minimum of 50% light be transmitted through the window. The Volvo had a reading of 17% :) The interesting thing is that tint laws do not apply to trucks or SUV's. What rubbish. Here is a link to window tint laws by state in case you were wondering. I bought the car in South Dakota and it was originally from Florida. Here are instructions on how to remove your window tint.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Turbodiesel In Town

This had to be the saddest looking volvo I have ever seen. Smashed in driver's front corner, primered hood, smashed grill and headlight. It was a quite a sight. Late 20's white male driver with a cast on his left arm. No issues with SoDak. Fuel economy does not appear to be better with the advanced injection values. Still 30mpg Hwy/City.